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Important Announcement About SAGE Central North Carolina

January 25, 2022 --

An Important Announcement About SAGE Central North Carolina

The LGBT Center of Raleigh and SAGE Central North Carolina are joining together to share this important announcement.

An opportunity has arisen for SAGE Central North Carolina to expand its impact throughout the central portion of the state, and the LGBT Center of Raleigh supports SAGE’s decision to align with another organization. While the home base for SAGE will remain in Raleigh, it is expanding its reach throughout the Triangle and central North Carolina.

The LGBT Center will continue to offer programming for LGBTQ older adults, while SAGE will be able to expand its offerings through its core programs: education, advocacy, and programs to foster social interaction.

Our organizations will continue to collaborate, and we are currently looking at opportunities to provide joint programming that will augment one another’s efforts.

While more information from both organizations will follow in the coming weeks, we are sharing responses to anticipated frequently asked questions below.

Dolph Goldenburg
Interim Executive Director
LGBT Center of Raleigh

Les Geller
SAGE Central North Carolina

SAGE | Center Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is SAGE leaving the LGBT Center of Raleigh now?

SAGE Central North Carolina (SAGE CNC), formerly SAGE Raleigh, has been, since its inception in 2014, the premier organization in the Triangle area focusing specifically on serving LGBTQ+ older adults. In recent years it has expanded its footprint to include major areas throughout central North Carolina. The SAGE CNC Planning Team carefully considered its options and decided to change affiliations to better serve older LGBTQ+ adults throughout Central North Carolina.

Q: How will SAGE be organized in the future?

SAGE Central North Carolina is very excited about an opportunity that has presented itself to affiliate with another nonprofit in the community that is committed to equity and justice, and we anticipate announcing our future affiliation in the very near future. Our base of operations will remain in Raleigh. Stay tuned.

Q: How will SAGE continue to serve LGBTQ+ older adults?

SAGE’s works are focused in three major areas: programs to promote social interaction, advocacy for LGBTQ+ seniors, and education for our own members and for the senior healthcare services community. We will continue to deliver programs that promote respect and dignity for LGBTQ+ older adults in senior services organizations as well as our LGBTQ+ communities by addressing homophobia, heterosexism, and ageism.

Q: How can I support SAGE?

SAGE has received generous support from the LGBT Center of Raleigh. In recent years that has meant funding a part-time contract position to coordinate our activities. This move requires us to return to an all-volunteer operation. So there are two ways that community members can support our organization to achieve its goals:

• SAGE needs and appreciates financial contributions of any size that will allow us to maintain a high level of quality

• We are soliciting volunteers who can support in multiple areas, such as IT support, social media, grant writing and fundraising, organizing social and health and wellness programs, and much more. If you have an interest in volunteering for SAGE, please contact us using information

Q: Will the LGBT Center of Raleigh continue to serve older LGBTQ+ adults?

Yes, the Center will continue to serve older LGBTQ+ adults living in the Triangle and will host a focus group in the coming weeks to better understand the services most needed within our senior communities.

Q: How can I support older adult programs at the LGBT Center of Raleigh?

Subscribe to our email newsletter and help us spread the word about our upcoming focus groups for older LGBTQ+ adults. Additionally, let us know if you’re interested in volunteering by contacting Kori Hennessey at

Q: What happens to a personal gift I made to the Center in 2021 that was designated for SAGE?

The Center received a few individual gifts designated for SAGE in 2021, and these donations supported SAGE CNC program expenses last year, including a SAGE CNC program coordinator.

Q: Where will SAGE CNC meet in the future?

SAGE CNC has primarily met virtually, as well as at a variety of locations appropriate for the program activity. SAGE CNC will continue to be active both on-line and at locations throughout central North Carolina.

Q: Where can I find SAGE online? (website will be active by February 4th)

Q: Who do I contact if I want more information about SAGE?

• Facebook:

Q: Who do I contact if I want more information about the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s older adult programs?

Kori Hennessey at

Q: If I want to speak with someone about this, who should I reach out to?

Center: Dolph Goldenburg,  

SAGE CNC: Joseph Wheeler,

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