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We Are Recruiting Our Next Chief Executive!

The LGBT Center of Raleigh has been serving and supporting the LGBTQ+ community in Raleigh and surrounding areas since 1991; previously operating as Triangle Community Works, and before that as Coalition 807. With a mission of serving, empowering, and advocating for the well-being of the diverse LGBTQ+ communities living in the Triangle and beyond, the LGBT Center of Raleigh envisions an inclusive world where LGBTQ+ people are thriving, equal, and valued members of society.

This Executive Director position offers the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with Board, Staff, and community to re-envision and rebuild a healthy, thriving community center that is committed to understanding and serving the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages, racial and gender identities/expressions, abilities socioeconomic statuses, and geography; one that can become a welcoming and inclusive hub of LGBTQ+ life in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

As noted in a recent public announcement (see: LGBT Center of Raleigh blog - Moving Forward), the Raleigh Center is emerging from a particularly challenging period in its history and a difficult, recent leadership transition. Last summer, the Board of Trustees decided to replace the prior chief executive and to engage an experienced LGBTQ+ leader for an intentional, interim period. This professional Interim Executive will remain in leadership with the LGBT Center of Raleigh until a new, permanent Executive Director is selected. It is envisioned that the interim will also lead the new executive’s initial onboarding process.

During this transition period, the Interim E.D. and a newly configured Board of Trustees have been systematically reviewing and improving the organization’s finances, internal systems and controls, revenue streams, and staffing structure to set the stage for a new, permanent executive to lead a fundamental re-building of this vital LGBTQ+ community organization. In partnership the Board of Trustees, the Interim E.D. has begun the work of reaching out directly to funders, partners, and stakeholders to acknowledge past leadership issues, accept accountability, and return focus to the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s mission and future. This work is ongoing, with the objective of ensuring the permanent Executive Director’s success by allowing them to step into an organization that is better positioned for progress, growth, and expansion.

This will be a re-building exercise, to be sure – following a necessary re-alignment of staff, programs, and resources, the LGBT Center of Raleigh is currently operating from a downtown office location with 3 full-time and 2 part-time staff and an operating budget of around $500,000 – but an opportunity that comes with a sense of purpose. The need for the kinds of affirming, supportive, and life-changing services a healthy LGBTQ+ Community Center can offer to North Carolina’s capitol city has perhaps never been greater. And for a leader who knows and loves the LGBTQ+ community, feels called to this work, and has a vision for the future (along with the skills and tenacity to achieve that vision), this position has the potential to be a career-defining role.

Kevin Chase Executive Search Group has been retained to lead this recruitment effort on behalf of the LGBT Center of Raleigh, and the full recruitment profile and directions for inquiries, nominations, or applications can be found at KCESG website.