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The Center Appoints Patricia R. Corbett Executive Director!

The Center Appoints Patricia R. Corbett Executive Director!

Patricia R. Corbett

The LGBT Center of Raleigh is proud to announce the appointment of Patricia R. Corbett (she/her) following an extensive national search. Corbett has over 20 years professional nonprofit leadership experience and most recently served as Deputy Director of District and School Partnerships with Citizen Schools. She has led teams, organizations, projects in and around LGBTQ+ and BIPOC movements, including at Metro DC PFLAG and Richmond Organization of Sexual Minority Youth (now known as Side by Side).

Corbett is uniquely qualified to lead the Center into its next decade. Corbett, who is a natural collaborator with experience strengthening and growing community based nonprofit organizations, has a strong connection and commitment to the LGBTQ+ communities we serve. Additionally, she also brings the managerial and professional expertise the Center sought in its next chief executive.

“As I think about this position, I am eager to amplify my work for the LGBTQ community. I believe that the sum of who we are as a community is not strictly defined by our sexuality or how we identify. We must consider the entire being of our constituents and strengthen the Center’s core by providing services that reflect the needs of the most vulnerable of our community while celebrating the strength we have collectively,” notes Patricia R. Corbett, “I am honored to serve as the Executive Director and to support, affirm, empower, and provide positive experiences that are reinforced by internal and external communities.”

Board Chair Kaye Vassey noted, “The Center board unanimously appointed Patricia R. Corbett as our next chief executive because she has the experience and vision necessary to expand our programs and services in new and more inclusive directions.”

Patricia R. Corbett, who currently lives in North Carolina and will relocate to Raleigh for this position, will start on July 25. When asked about Corbett’s appointment, Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin shared that “ The LGBT Center of Raleigh has been a critical partner in supporting our LGBTQ+ community, providing programs and services to our diverse residents. We welcome Patricia Corbett as the new executive director and look forward to working with her to ensure that Raleigh is a welcoming and thriving community for all.