LGBT Center of Raleigh

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TCW and Center History

The Origin of the Center's Programs and Services

Triangle Community WorksTriangle Community Works was founded as Coalition 807 in 1994, when several smaller organizations decided to work together to find and retain support and resources to help them serve the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina. Many programs such as A Safer Place for Youth Network (ASPYN) and the Gay and Lesbian Helpline are still in operation today. The dedicated volunteers that served this community are greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten for their dedication to keeping these important programs and services alive for so many years.

Through the years, TCW held many great events such as hosting the Gay Mens Health Summit, Second Chance Queer Prom, Jade Estrada, and all the while maintained great programs such as Game Night, HealthWorks, SeminarWorks, the Helpline and ASPYN.

More Recently the Board of Directors of Triangle Community Works had decided to support the forming efforts of the LGBT Center of Raleigh, as it had been part of their mission to form a community center in the Triangle, since the name change from Coalition 807 in 1995. The committee to form a center had many open discussions in the months leading up to Janaury of 2008, but it was then with the formation of the Governance Team and the support of the Triangle Community Works Board that the committee was able to reorganize and start building momentum toward forming the desired center.

As the Center Board was formed and the organization really started to take shape, TCW supported the Center with a fiscal sponsorship and use of meeting space. When the Center was formally recognized, TCW continued to work the Center as a strategic partner. The two organizations shared office space to lower costs earlier in 2010, prior to the formal merger that took place April-July 2010. We now are operating under the Center banner and name with the important programs and services of Triangle Community Works still operating and developing to better serve the Triangle and Beyond.

People who have served on the Board in the past include Summer Barringer, Nick Buchser, Anthony Garcia-Curpian, L. J. Coward, Bobby Hilburn, Chela Johnson, Eddie Sartin, and Bob Watson. The Center is eternally grateful for their dedicated past leadership and their continued support of the work of the Center.