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Changing Your Name

Legally changing your name is a major milestone for many transitioning people. However it is also a rather convoluted and somewhat expensive endeavor. The information below should help you get started. Remember the courthouses will not accept credit/debit cards. Bring cash/check/money order.

Name and Gender Change Presentation:

This short presentation, which you can do at your own pace will break down the ins and outs involved in changing you name and gender on your documentation as well as the effects of gendered documentation on the lives of gender non-conforming individuals. Presentation is provided by volunteers of the Transgender Initiative as part of the Trans Week of Awareness.

Trans Documentation Workshop

Documentation packet:

After reading the presentation above download this packet to get all forms needed to change your info. Packets are also available at the LGBT Center of Raleigh. Please keep in mind that we strive to keep this packet up to date if you run into any inconsistencies with current forms please let us know.

Name/Gender Change Packet

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