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    Sex Work, Queers, and Trafficking with Christy Croft

    Queer Women Connect
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    Wednesday, July 17, 2019 7:30pm - 9pm
    LGBT Center of Raleigh, 119 East Hargett St, Raleigh NC 27601
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    The public dialogue leading up to the 2018 passage of the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (FOSTA) was polarizing, with complex realities crammed into sound bites and pre-existing assumptions about victimization, sex work, pornography, sex trafficking, sex worker rights, and the anti-trafficking movement.

    Much of the public discourse amplified by the media painted those invested in the dialogue around human trafficking into one of two camps, with little room for in-between. This framing of the dialogue sometimes casts an exaggerated depiction that harms sex workers and survivors of trafficking alike by oversimplifying their realities, in turn portraying those who support FOSTA/SESTA as true believers trying to legislate their monolithic moral authority. More nuanced approaches are going to be needed if we are to develop creative, out-of-the-box solutions to reduce human trafficking while preserving bodily autonomy and personal agency.

    This talk, offered by NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault's Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist Christy Croft, will invite attendees to dig deeper into the realities of slavery, sex work, and human trafficking. Christy will go over the history of forced labor in the United States and review the historical and cultural influences that shaped the narrative that later became part of the movement to define and end human trafficking.

    We'll cover statistics and specifics of how sex work and sex trafficking manifest differently, with different parameters and motivations, within queer and trans communities. We'll explore FOSTA/SESTA's origins and impacts - intended and unintended - as well as who FOSTA/SESTA leaves vulnerable, and end with a solutions-focused facilitated discussion about how to fill those gaps, mitigate harm, and hold complexity in the way we talk about and think through solutions to end human trafficking.

    Christy Croft is a long-time queer activist who started their journey of trauma work and crisis response in 1994 on a suicide and self-harm hotline. As NCCASA's Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist, Christy comes with over a decade of knowledge and experience working directly in rape crisis - answering hotlines, facilitating support groups, and providing hospital, court, and law enforcement accompaniment for survivors of sexual violence. Christy is also engaged in advocacy, organizing, and leadership around queer youth safety, homelessness, and community accountability. They hold an interdisciplinary master's degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro that focused on gender theory, global human rights, and social justice.

    Event is open to the public and intended for all folx aged 18 and up. RSVP not required but encouraged. Please consider donating to the LGBT of Raleigh if you find value in our programming, so we can continue compensating our talented Speakers.

    Any views and opinions expressed at this event are those of the Speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official mission or position of the LGBT Center of Raleigh.

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