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    Transitioning, Feminism, and Hormone Health with Dr. Juno Krahn

    Transgender Initiative, Women's Initiative
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    Tuesday, September 25, 2018 7pm - 9pm
    LGBT Center of Raleigh, 324 South Harrington Street, Raleigh NC 27603
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    Community Activity Room 
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    The Women's Initiative presents Dr. Juno Krahn, a research scientist, software developer, and trans-feminist. She will speak about transitioning and what lessons she learned about intersectional feminism and women's hormone therapy. Hear her talk about the latest issues in transgender and cisgender women's endocrine health, including unsafe HRT practices prescribed by the medical establishment. Furthermore, she will answer questions related to the physical and social aspects of transitioning. If you're thinking about transitioning or in the process of transitioning, then Dr. Krahn can help you on your journey. Even if you don't identify as transgender, cisgender women will find insight into the mechanics of their own body.

    Discussion Topics: acceptance, body issues, social conditioning, hormone replacement therapy, gender specific spaces, gender expression, trans dating, femininity

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