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    Kink in the LGBT Acronym with Professor Peter Sigal

    Women's Initiative
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    Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:30pm - 9pm
    LGBT Center of Raleigh, 119 East Hargett St, Raleigh NC 27601
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    The letter K for "kink" is one of the newest letters being considered - and added to the LGBTQQIA+ acronym. But do kinksters deserve placement and recognition in the queer community?

    This May, join the discussion and learn about the internal battle to accept and recognize kink-identified individuals with Professor Peter Sigal.

    Pete is a Professor of History and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies at Duke University whose work centers on the history of sexuality among the indigenous people of colonial Latin America and the ways in which colonial voyeurism remains with us in modern ideas of sexual pleasure. He also acts as a provocateur who encourages people to challenge boundaries and is the event organizer for PUSH, a fetish and BDSM event held biannually in Durham, NC.

    Listen to Pete's argument for the inclusion of kink in the fight for queer lives. He will suggest that elements of kink allow us to queer the existing structures that advance heterosexuality and cisgendered models as the privileged relationships within our world while also challenging homonormativity. An analysis of kink allows us to advance equality, gender diversity, and representation within queer communities.

    Check your attitude at the door. This talk is meant to educate and enlighten those unfamiliar with the kink community and expand on the history of the ever-growing LGBTQQIA+ acronym.

    The Women's Initiative: A Program of the LGBT Center of Raleigh invites a prominent leader in our community to speak on the third Wednesday of every month. We are committed to building diversity into our programming, including queer counter-culture feminist voices. All folx are welcome at this event.

    The views and opinions expressed at this event are those of the Speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official mission or position of the LGBT Center of Raleigh.

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