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    Film and Reception: The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of First Friday

    SAGE Central North Carolina
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    Thursday, March 26, 2020 7pm - 9pm
    Carolina Theatre, 309 W Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701
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    Kathe Rauch 
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    In the 1980's, a group calling itself First Friday sprang fully formed from the imaginations of a group of Lesbians living in Roanoke, Virginia. In Durham, another large and vibrant community of Lesbians had formed and many of them attended the annual Roanoke Valley Retreat. How did it happen?

    Triangle women interviewed in the film include Nancy Kelly (Associate Producer), Ginny Gregory, Olga Acosta, the late Sue Avery, and the late Martha Woods.

    The screening will be followed by a short Q&A session with L.A. documentary producer Kathryn L Beranich, Nancy Kelly, Ginny Gregory, and Olga Acosta, and a light reception in the Moses Ballroom.

    Also at the reception: newly discovered 1987 footage of Durham's own Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS): Kit Conway, Nancy Kelly, and the late Sue Avery with support from Roadie Extraordinaire Beth Shulman. They strutted their stuff at Val's Upstairs and The Newsletter's Dance at the beloved YWCA.

    On display at the reception: The Gayme of Lyfe - First Friday Toaster Oven Edition. This actual board game takes players on the adventures and antics of the Lesbians of First Friday.

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