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LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resources Project

LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resources ProjectOne of our goals at the LGBT Center of Raleigh is to provide the best listing of all of the supportive resources that are available to our Community and present them on our website. We have maintained a free Community Resources website page for our Community since we started the Center. Thank you for being a part of that!

It is important to our Community that the listings are current and accurate. Therefore, we routinely check to make sure that the information provided about you is current. Please double-check to make sure it is correct. If everything is correct, please let me know by sending a message to If not, please complete the Online Community Resources List Submission Form. We will update your information as soon as possible.

We have recently expanded the amount of information that you can include in your listing. Along with your contact information that includes your name, address, and website, you can now include your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Plus, you can now use up to 250 characters to provide information about the services you provide to the community.

Please do NOT use this opportunity to advertise on our website. (The perfect place to advertise through the Center is the Out! Guide for 2016! Our Corporate Sponsorship page explains how to sponsor the Center and have your logo featured on our website and at major Center activities.) Instead, please provide information about how your business supports the community (as if this was a public service announcement/sponsorship on WUNC Radio or other non-profit media). We cannot advertise for you on the Community Resources website page and will not include promotional/advertising information.

If you are a recurring donor to the LGBT Center of Raleigh, we express our deepest gratitude. You help provide this valuable resource to thousands of people each month who might not know where else to turn. Our Center Volunteers routinely direct people to the information on the Community Resources website page many times a day.

If you are not a donor or sponsor of the Center and you are grateful for the support that the Community Resources website page provides, we encourage you to consider becoming a Center donor. One-time Donations are appreciated, and Recurring Donations make sure that the Center stays open and that everyone has access to important valuable information. Please click on the link below to Donate to the Center.

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Thanks for providing important resources to our Community! All my best to you!

Jim Manchester
LGBT Center of Raleigh Web Team