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The LGBT Center of Raleigh is physically closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to meet virtually! Those virtual offerings can be found here. If you have questions or are seeking resources, you can call 919-832-4484 seven days a week between the hours of 12pm and 4pm, and your call will be answered by a staff member or volunteer.

We continue to work with our partners at the Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina on creating a plan to resume HIV and STI testing at the Center and will make an announcement by the end of July!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Holly Owens is the 2017 Program Volunteer of the Year

Holly OwensHolly Owens began donating her time at the LGBT Center of Raleigh back when Amendment One was causing mayhem in the community. She was a nervous ally who simply wanted to help her LGBTQ friends, and has since created a place for herself and other allies by running and maintaining the Raleigh Allies program at the Center. Because of her commitment to the program, the Center, and the community, we are awarding her Program Volunteer of the Year.

Holly has been a dedicated ally to the community for several years, and she has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of volunteers. She is quick to give credit to the other amazing volunteers who have helped with Raleigh Allies, but because of her dedication, the program exists today. All because she felt it was necessary for allies to feel comfortable fighting beside us.

Jeremy Billow, a Raleigh Allies alum, had this to say about his time working with Holly, “Holly’s ability to go out of the comfort zone of what she knows and into the unknown is what made me work with her on Raleigh Allies. I was consistently amazed by her ability to reach out to people whom she may not have anything in common with, learn from them, and then use what she learned to help serve them and others. Her drive to not only learn, but to do something to improve herself and her community is what makes her the ideal ally.”

Holly has a passion for educating those outside of the LGBTQ community, because with education, we have more understanding. That is her commitment in working with Raleigh Allies, to make it easy and comfortable for people who want to learn, and to create a path for those people to become allies. Holly has dedicated a lot of time to this program, and she has still found time to run the Kids Zone at Out! Raleigh and help with the ASPYRE Camp for our Youth. James Miller, the Center’s Executive Director, says “Holly has been one of the most dedicated and loving people in our Center. She has given her time unselfishly to many different programs. Her smile is infectious and her personality can immediately build trust.”

“We could not choose a better person to represent the values that the Center stands for: Love, Trust, and Empathy.” -- James Miller

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We are proud to recognize Holly Owens for her amazing work as the Center’s 2017 Program Volunteer of the Year. Come help us honor Holly at the LGBT Center of Raleigh Awards Gala on Friday, October 6th as a part of our celebration of National Coming Out Week. Tickets are available.

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