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Claire Lenahan to exhibit in August

Claire Lenahan Letting Out Anger Acrylic-Charcoal-Graphite 44inx30in Claire Lenahan What Am I Going To Do Acrylic-Charcoal-Graphite 44inx30in

Intrusive thoughts run through my mind every day, creating stress and preventing concentration. I am mindful when I accept the present and focus my attention on the emotions and thoughts in the current moment, using them in a positive way rather than feeling stuck with them. In my practice, I fill my sketchbooks and notes with automatic scribbles that represent my thoughts, some shouting at me while others whisper. These are an active form of meditation where authentic gestures in charcoal, pastel and graphite rid my mind of my invasive thoughts.

In this work, I take my active meditation from sketchbook to large scale. Dark agitated charcoal marks run across paper, crossing paths with quiet curves, white and colored scribbles, repetitive tick marks and dancing twists of graphite. Contrasting impressions explore the ever-changing thoughts that rush through my mind. Each piece is an individual meditation where expressive gestures lie on top of a layer of paint representing my feelings at the time. When creating I wait until a thought crosses my mind to make a mark. At times my thoughts become cluttered, making the drawing messier, while other times I have less thoughts, translating into few marks.

Thoughts are noumenal; they appear as themselves without the use of phenomenal senses. I give them presence through the language of mark-making in my artwork. Bringing the unseen into the tangible world through my art allows the viewer to acknowledge thoughts as real rather than imaginary or un-touchable. This brings them to more easily acknowledge and accept their invading thoughts mindfully and discover clarity by letting go and clearing their mind.

- Claire Lenahan

An exhibition Claire's work is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of August 2016. Come to August’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, August 5th from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Claire in person.


Anthony Garcia-Copian reveals Idols and Monsters at the Center in May

Anthony Garcia Copian invIdols and Monsters

A photo exhibit by Anthony Garcia-Copian

Sometimes when people travel, they take pictures of a pyramid, a pool, or a pile of snow on the Pyrenees.

I don’t. I like taking photographs of things that I admire and things that are mysterious and at times, almost inhospitable.

As I began to travel, I would often take photographs of a graveyard in Key West or a decaying building in New Orleans. That is the memory I take with me. By sharing these photographs, I share what I remember while being present and being absent.

- Anthony Garcia-Copian


Anthony was born in Cuba and is a playwright, an artist, and a photographer. He works for a nonprofit and currently lives in Raleigh. He was one of the original board members of the LGBT Center of Raleigh.

An exhibition Anthony's work is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of May 2016. Come to May’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, May 6th from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Anthony in person.


Wayne Addington Images Featured in Center Gallery in April

Wayne Addington ImagesWayne Addington Images are made for anyone who loves color. Our medium is photography as interpreted through a digital brush. Some of our favorite sources for inspiration are nature (the garden is always a rich source), cityscapes taken from our travels, and the beauty found in the wonders of engineering. Serendipity plays a frequent role both in that unique moment when the light is right and when there’s a beautiful junction of form and color. We are fond of exploring the balance between natural and constructed forms, reflections that soften or enrich underlying architectural elements, and always playing with color and light. We strive for a playful energy that moves static forms into dynamic ones.

Wayne Addington Images is a collaboration between Charles Addington Miller and Wayne Scott Cooley. Chuck is the creative driving force who is responsible for the digital artistry found in these images. Both of us shoot our source photographs. Chuck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and Scott’s roots are found in Southern California. While photography has been an avocation for both of us for many years, the move to create new art from photographs came with the move to digital media. Some older photographs have been converted to digital forms and we’ve found new inspiration in some scenes we first experienced over 30 years ago. Inspiration can also be as recent as yesterday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market in Durham, a walk in the garden or a drive to the Outer Banks.

Our images are available in multiple media - canvas mounts, fine art paper, photo and metallic finishes. Images are also available in many different sizes, limited principally by the size of the underlying image. When you see product names or business names in our images, they are there because they were in the original photos we took. Products and businesses are not the subject of the image. We do not endorse these products. They are simply images that are out there for anyone to encounter. They are a part of our culture.

It is our hope that you will enjoy the playful mix of color, form, light, and structure infused with the energy that we find so common throughout the world around us. We believe that life holds all these things in a rich balance and our art seeks to explore and celebrate it. We hope you enjoy!

- Chuck & Scott

Website: • Email:

An exhibition from Wayne Addington Images is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of April 2016. Come to April’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, April 1st from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Chuck & Scott in person.


Sam Lasris' Art Featured in Center Gallery in March

LasrisWhile a lot of art focuses on nature, the starting point for me is the man-made object. Almost all manufactured objects are the result of hours of deliberation about the exact shade, shape, size, weight, etc. Whether it’s a button, a label on a can of peas, or a silicon chip, someone designed it. And yet, end users discard these items with little regard for the person who created the item or the item itself. My work primarily is based on those cast aside items, so called disposables. I want the viewer to see each piece from a distance as whole, to see how it comes together, but also to closely examine each work to think about the decisions that ended with the creation of the individual pieces of the piece, and how they have been repurposed into something entirely different than their intended use.

An exhibition of Sam Lasris’ work is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of March 2016. Come to March’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, March 4th from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Sam in person.

Adaria Coulter’s Art Featured in Center Gallery in February

  Adaria Coulter

Years ago Dare came across a quote, “Fortune favors the brave.” It has played out in her life ever since, especially in her art. In her creative process Dare is definitely bold – she works quickly and takes risks, and her creativity is driven by her passion. She is genuinely excited by the art that she makes, and she strives to be sincere in all things (especially in interactions with people).

She is almost always talking and she pulls together those conversations and interactions with people and couples those moments with extensive research and source-seeking to come up with novel approaches to her sculptural and artistic works. She isn’t afraid to fail. She wants to be able to do everything (and has a very broad range of mediums that she is proficient with), and she jumps head on into the projects that she’s involved with.

With her drive, the ultimate goal is to be an internationally recognized artist so that she can have the platform to have those inspirational moments with people all around the world. Dare Coulter is blazing a path with love and happiness, and striving to deliver that to everyone through her art.

An exhibition of Adaria Coulter’s work is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of February 2016. Come to February’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, February 5th from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Dare in person.

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