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Mental Health Resources

LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resources Project

If you are looking for help for mental health issues, certain therapists have been approved by the LGBT Center of Raleigh's HealthWorks Mental Health Team. To be included in this list, therapists must affirm their support for same-gender sexual orientation as a normal way of life. All of the mental health providers listed below have submitted a written statement that they are LGBT-affirming therapists and have agreed to practice in ways that are supportive of the LGBT community. Please use their descriptions to guide you in selecting the best provider for your needs. Please understand that mental health providers do not normally communicate with clients or potential clients via unsecured email. Email addresses are listed for information only.

Any concerns about individual providers on this list may be directed to the Center's Mental Health HealthWorks Team.

If you are a Mental Health provider in the Triangle area and want to be included on this list, please visit this page for more information.

For details about the LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resources Project, please click here.