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Mira Sena-GrowthHello and thank you for taking the time to read about my artwork. I was born in 1984 in New York, in 2010 I moved to Philadelphia, and in 2011 I moved to the RTP area of North Carolina. During my childhood I took advanced courses in the arts, photography, music, and digital media; placing in a variety of showings during my developmental period. In recent years I have had a previous showing at Coffee & Crepes in November 2013 in NC. Growing up overlooking the Hudson River, I have always found the simplistic beauty of nature while also appreciating the elegancy of minimalism. Though stylistically different than the modernists and surrealists, I have always felt an intrinsic pull toward their slight alterations of realism, and how they transform a known object into something beautiful and new.

My artistic vision is that art represents life in its many forms, I choose to create pieces that reflect growth and change with focus on a quiet optimism and a statement of existence even when everything else is stripped away. In this showing my media of choice is modified acrylics, by treating the acrylics as I would treat watercolors an airy lightness is brought to my pieces.

In this showing, the pieces presented each represent hues of the visible light spectrum to reflect that life and beauty exists throughout our world, we merely have to take the time to search for it to see it.

– Mira Sena

An exhibition of Mira Sena’s work is displayed at the LGBT Center of Raleigh during the month of May 2015. Come to May’s First Friday Art Reception on Friday, May 1st from 6 to 9pm to meet and greet Mira in person.

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